PrescribeSM has its own namelist that is called prescribe_SM_nl. This namelist must go in the run directory of CESM. The location of the run directory is defined in $CASEROOT/env_run.xml under the entry “RUNDIR”.


an example namelist is given with the code

Namelist Options

pSMfile : string
path to the history file containing SOILLIQ and SOILICE. If one_file_per_day is .true., the string patterns %y, %m, and %d are expanded to the year, day, and month of the simulation.
one_file_per_day : bool
If .false. uses the pSMfile as is, and iterates through the timesteps (days or months). If .true. uses one file per day and uses its first timestep. Default = .true..
pSMtype : int
Defines how to prescribe SM, see Methods to Prescribe Soil Moisture.
monthly : bool
If .false. uses daily input. If .true. assumes monthly mean SM is provided.
interp_day : bool
If .false. uses the daily mean, if .true. linearly interpolates between daily mean. Applies only if daily input data is used (monthly = .false.).
levstart : int, optional
First level to prescribe SM, default = 1.
levstop : int, optional
Last level to prescribe SM, default = 10.
use_qdrai : bool, optional
Only for pSMtype 3. Whether subsurface runoff (qdrai) is also used for irrigation, default = .true..
reservoir_capacity, float, optional
Only for pSMtype 3. Size of the reservoir where water can be transfered in time, default = 0.


if you set monthly=.true. but have a daily SM input file it will still work (uses the first 12 days as the months)